July 25

Changes are good…..


Welcome to my first blog post of my final blog/website i am writing. I did a lot of blogs, from Telecommunication news magazines, the latest board games news, and gardening websites. Some successful, some not, but that is always the case.

I haven’t written a lot in English in the past, mostly in Dutch or German. One of my game board websites you can still find under Webarchive.org. Still love the game – Captain Clueless ????

But, this websites is going to be different. All my archives of tools, online marketing solutions, marketing guides, and what more, will be shown here AND in my newsletter ofcourse.

I am still building the website, not much content, but that will change in the next weeks and months.

Join me, it will be an fun ride into the world of Online Marketing, Tools, Guides, and much more.

Frank Edens


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What is MarTech?

What is MarTech?
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