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How to find competitor advertisements


You surely have competitors or rivals in your business, don’t you? Maybe you already use a tool like ahrefs to analyze the movements and backlinks of these sites. But do you also analyze the ads of your competitors?

Besides organic content, it can be a great advantage to keep an eye on and analyze your competitors’ ads. In this post, I’ll show you how to discover and analyze these ads for any page or brand on any network and give you three good reasons why you should definitely try this measure.

Why you should look at third-party ads

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Advantage 1: Inspiration

Not everyone is blessed with infinite creativity, and so sometimes it is also very helpful to be inspired by ads from others.

Advantage 2: Keep an eye on the competition

Depending on the market and industry, it can often be a huge advantage to see what ads your competitors are running and what product or service those ads are for.

This can give you a huge advantage as you may be able to jump on trends faster than others and not be the last to catch wind of them.

Advantage 3: Create better ads (see what works)

Very similar to the first advantage, but still meant a bit differently. If competitors spend a lot of money on something for a long time (i.e. advertise) then this ad, advertisement or product seems to work very well. The least burn long money with ads that just don’t work.

Find competitor ads on LinkedIn

You don’t even need a tool to find competitor ads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn conveniently displays them directly in the overview of posts.

This is how you find the LinkedIn ads of each page

Simply visit the desired company page and navigate to the Posts section and then select the Ads type. This will take you to the link with all the advertisements of the company Kia Motors Corporation on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn advertisements of the BMW Group

Find Facebook & Instagram competitor ads

It gets a bit more comprehensive when you want to find ads on Facebook and Instagram. Here, in addition to official tools from Facebook itself, there are some third-party providers that offer you even more information or additional filters.

Official Facebook Ads Library

In the official Facebook Ads Library, you can find the ads placed on a Facebook page by simply searching for it. Note, however, that in the upper right corner you should select the “All ads” option, otherwise you will be served only political ads.

With various filters, you can narrow down the selection a bit more and, for example, only see ads from a certain country or a specific platform (Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger or Facebook).

Adwhistle – Monitor pages for new ads

Adwhistle .com

With Adwhistle you can monitor different Facebook pages for new ads. You’ll get a regular report and you’ll know immediately when the competition is promoting something new.

Bigspy – Huge database for multiple networks

BigSpy calls itself the “#1 Free Adspy Tool” and has a lot to offer. In addition to the actual overview, you can search for texts in ads here to perhaps find completely new competitors.

The big advantage here is the overview of multiple networks (which is why the tool is also listed here more often). Currently you can search Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest and Yahoo. – Ad database with affiliate focus is one of the newest providers on the market, but still offers an ingenious search engine to find Facebook ads. The free package allows you up to 10 searches per day.

Besides the almost usual filters, you can additionally save, search and filter landing pages here. Due to the affiliate marketing focus, you will find additional filters and can even filter by eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify).

Adspace – huge database and combinable filters

Adspace is also a fairly new provider, but it already has over 784,200 ads in its database. Here, too, you can filter the ads. What I like most are the somewhat creative filters. For example, you can filter by content with or without emoji or by text and video length. All filters can be combined with each other.

Adbeat – Comprehensive profiles of advertisers

Unlike other providers, Adbeat focuses on providing you with a comprehensive profile of the respective advertising account.

You can see at a glance when, where, which ads have been placed and how they have developed. Unfortunately, the free account is quite limited but still worth a look to get a feel for the activities of an account.

Find Google competitor ads

Of course, Google with its gigantic advertising network should not be forgotten. Here, too, I have collected a few tools to find, save and analyze Google Ads competitor ads.

SEMrush – ingenious overview of Search & Display

Most people will know SEMrush as a pure SEO tool. However, only a few know that SEMrush was once purely specialized in PPC marketing. Maybe that’s why the analysis of ads for Google in the search and display area is so extensive and great to use.

Besides a detailed overview of the advertising behavior of the respective domain, you also get access to collected display ads as well as used text ads from Google Ads.

ahrefs – lots of Google Ads search ads

But also the SEO tool ahrefs does not let itself down when it comes to the analysis of Google Ads of any pages. Although there are only text ads (i.e. Google Ads), you can filter them and display the best landing pages and the booked keywords.

Moat – Collection of display ads (without registration)

Although the provider primarily offers a paid Pro package, you should not miss the free version. By entering any brand, you will get numerous collected display ads from all over the world. Practical to perhaps get a good overview of general designs of brands.

iSpionage – Search Ads for Google, Bing and Yahoo

If you are looking at the provider for the first time, you will notice that there are several options to better monitor the competition. However, in the Competitor Research section you have the possibility to view ads on domain and keyword level.

For example, you can enter the word “CRM” and you will get all competitors that are actively advertising in this area. Then you can simply look at the corresponding ads.

The disadvantage, however, is that currently only the English-speaking area is covered and thus only searches for the USA, UK, Canada and Australia are possible. However, if your competitors operate internationally, it should not stop you.

Spyfu – comprehensive SEO and PPC analysis of any website

The name says it all. Spyfu spies on every site, but again only in the US/UK market. Still, you get a really comprehensive look at domains and competitors here.

Besides the analysis of the ads, there is also the possibility of a so-called “gap analysis“. You compare yourself with a few competitors and can quickly see which keywords you have never thought of. Practical, especially in the PPC area.

Find Twitter and Pinterest competitor ads

BigSpy – also has Pinterest and Twitter on board

As mentioned above, I have to list BigSpy again in this section, as currently only this provider also captures Pinterest and Twitter ads and lists them searchable in a database


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